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Omega 3 Pure & Wild 60 Capsules

Omega 3 Pure & Wild 60 Capsules

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Omega 3 Pure and Wild

Natroceutics Omega 3 Pure & Wild is produced from sustainable, wild caught Alaskan pollock. Delivered in its natural and superior triglyceride form, each batch is tested to have a market leading TOTOX and absolute purity.

The benefits of Natroceutics Omega 3 Pure and Wild

  • Cognitive Health and Performance
  • Cardiovascular Health + Protection
  • Skin health

Key features of Natroceutics  Omega 3 Pure and Wild

  • Omega 3 from Wild Caught Alaskan Pollock.
  • Superior and Natural Triglyceride Form.
  • Market Leading TOTOX Score.
  • Tested Free from heavy metal and ocean contaminants.
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