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Curcumin Fortified 60 Capsules

Curcumin Fortified 60 Capsules

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Specifically developed to provide support for those managing advanced inflammatory conditions. Curcumin Fortified merges three actives that have been scientifically validated in the areas of inflammation and pain relief. This fusion forms a powerful and uniquely synergistic combination that delivers results quickly and effectively.

  • Combines three powerful actives each scientifically supported.
    1. BCM-95 ™ Curcumin extract. 
    2. AKBAMAX ™ Boswellia extract. 
    3. High Potency Ginger extract. 
  • Fast-acting relief that starts working immediately.
  • Gentle on the stomach and digestive friendly.


Product Benefits

  • Quality assured through GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and batch testing.
  • Clean and free from agrochemicals, artificial additives and heavy metals.
  • Scientifically formulated and developed.
  • Vegan friendly – 100% Plant Based.
  • Fully recyclable and supporting environmental regeneration.

Consider the following when selecting a product:

  • Are you actually absorbing anything? Does the extract that you are using have a scientifically proven delivery method?
  • Does your product deliver ‘free’ or ‘bioavailable’ curcumin into the blood stream? This is actually the form that delivers the results. It should state this on the packaging clearly, or be supported by evidence. ‘Total absorption’ and ‘Free’ or ‘Bioactive’ are different things. Many companies make large claims about their absorption but are actually referring to ‘Total Absorption’ which sounds impressive but doesn’t necessarily help you.
  • Does it contain unwanted or unnatural additives? Check the label clearly and look at the ingredients list. Additives such as polysorbate 80 and polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) commonly appear. Do you want that in your health supplement unless you really need it?
  • If you are using chronic medication, be sure to check if the supplement you are taking contains piperine, which is commonly added to curcumin or turmeric to enhance absorption. This may not be advisable with the medication you are using.
  • The active life of curcumin in most cases is very short, i.e. 2 – 4 hours. Does your product provide sufficient active life to deliver results, or do you need to take it several times per day?
  • Does your curcumin supplement only deliver the benefit of curcumin, without the complete health benefits of turmeric?
  • Many capsules are made from animal gelatin which is a major consideration in certain religions and those that follow a plant-based diet.
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