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Herb Afrique 3 Way Gel Soap 300ml – Face, Hair, Skin


The multi-purpose 3-in-1 Gel is a shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath in one. This energising vibrant formulation contains Rosemary (herb for hair), Calendula (nature’s anti-fungal), Rooibos extract (antioxidant) and Lemon Pith (specifically good for oily skins and hair).

Nourishes and cleanses body and skin
• Shampoos hair without stripping it of its natural oils
• Cleanses facial skin ridding it of bacteria and grime
• Ideal for bathing your baby – effectively treats “cradle cap”!
• Can be used as a shower gel or bubble bath. Ideal for campers and active people!

Contains no salt, colourants or synthetic fragrances which contribute to dryness, dandruff and scalp irritations.

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