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Spirulina Powder 400ml


Benefits: A great probiotic and superfood; body alkiliser; energy-booster; fabulous source of quality protein with a unique nutrition profile. A perfect supplement for vegans and vegetarians. There is hardly a health condition that this product does not help with.

A great video by world famous Dr Josh Axe can be viewed here:

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Further information:

  1. Loaded with chlorophyll which helps alkalise the body and helps increase antioxidant called glutathione
  2. One of the highest plant-based sources of protein
  3. Helps eliminate heavy metals, including arsenic, of which high levels are found in chemicals used to spray food crops (cause of much liver, kidne and brain/neurological        damage)
  4. Protects against : radiation poisoning (incuding cellphone and microwave radiation)
  5. Probiotic that is great for digestive system – also encourages the growth of other natural probiotics
  6. Helps fight cancer due to detoxification
  7. Helps lower cholesterol, balance blood pressure levels, fight diabetes