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Purest Omega 3 60 Caps


Supports heart and brain health
Safe, effective and essential during pregnancy

Clinical-strength Purest Omega 3 is a whole new breed of omega 3 supplement. Made from food-grade wild Alaskan fish – caught in the clean, cold waters of Alaska’s North Pacific Ocean – and then molecularly distilled to concentrate the omega 3s, this highly potent, non-GMO fish oil contains an impressive 1000mg of omega 3 oils (EPA, DHA, DPA and other omega 3s) per soft gel.

Wild Alaskan fish are naturally high in omega 3 fatty acids and naturally free of mercury, as they swim freely and eat a natural diet. They are harvested in a well-managed and certified sustainable fishery, and processed within hours to yield exceptionally fresh raw fish oil. Purest Omega 3 is the ideal choice for therapeutic dosage, containing the triglyceride (TG) form of omega 3s for superior absorption and bioavailability.

Purest Omega 3 provides a rich supply of EPA and DHA, with a highly bioavailable content of 400mg EPA and 300mg DHA per capsule, in their natural form. The bottom line? This exceptional-quality, market-leading oil doesn’t just take care of you; it takes care of the environment… and that makes a world of difference.

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Why the triglyceride (TG) form of fish oils?

  • Naturally occurring form in foods and in the body
  • Research indicates that it is up to 100% more bioavailable than the ethyl ester (EE) form
  • Easier to assimilate for individuals with impaired digestion and absorption
  • Less prone to oxidation and production of free radicals
  • No post digestion production of alcohol in the gut or blood stream as in the EE form
  • Less susceptible to increasing free fatty acids in the blood, which may increase blood glucose

Purest Omega uses the latest innovation in EPA/DHA technology to insure purity and absorption

  • Exceptional freshness – freshly caught fish are quickly processed within hours, resulting in exceptionally fresh raw fish oil
  • Cold extraction – process used for the refining of the EPA & DHA fatty acids
  • Minimally processed – produced to the highest standards of purity and quality
  • Molecular distillation – removes fishy odour and taste to ensure purity
  • Filtration – removes PCBs, chlorinated organ pollutants and heavy metals


  • GMO free
  • Gluten free
  • Sugar free
  • Soya free
  • Heavy metal free
  • No artificial additives, colourants or pollutants
  • Sustainable wild Alaskan caught fish – 100% sourced from certified sustainable fishery
  • Care for the ecosystem
  • 85% omega-3 concentration
  • Wild-caught Alaska Fish
  • Omega-3s in triglyceride form
  • 3:1 EPA to DHA ratio
  • IFOS 5-star certified
  • Consumer Lab approved
  • MSC-certified sustainable source
  • Hexane-free processing


Recommended Use: Take 1 to 3 capsules per day, or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.

Indications: May provide general support for heart health, healthy blood lipids, brain health and wellness.

Capsules per container: 60

Ingredients (per 2-capsule serving):

  • Concentrated Wild Alaskan Pollock Oil Omega 3 triglyceride (1 000mg, including 800mg EPA and 600mg DHA)
  • E306 IP certified natural mixed tocopherols (natural Vitamin E)
  • Fish oil capsule

Allergen advice:  Contains no known allergens, articifical flavours or preservatives.

Warnings and special precautions: Not recommended for use with Warfarin. Do not use before surgery. Use within 90 days of opening. Store in cool, dry environment and avoid exposure to light. Keep out of reach of children.


Neither this product nor the contents thereof are intended as a cure for any disease or condition. Always consult a licensed healthcare practitioner before using any new product.